BSD Shipment

A week or so ago we received our next BSD shipment full of all the BSD goodies including Frames, Bars, Seats and everything else.

ALVX V3 in Digital Camo:

Acid Face Hoodie:

David Grant Baller Seat:

David Grant Dunks Grips:

Dan Paley Soulja Seats”

Dropped Stem:

Substance XL Cranks:

Liam Zingbergs Sig. Zing Bars:

New Primo Shipment

We also just got a Primo order into the warehouse.
A bunch of items back in stock.

121 Halflink and 510 Chains. Both available in Black(Dark Blue, Raw and Chrome:

New longer Binary Plastic pegs, Now 4 1/2″ long. Replacemetn sleeves also available:

Icon Top Load stems(also available in Front Load):

Craig Passero signature Rebars in 10″. Black and Chrome:

Super Tenderizer Plastic Pedals:


New Stranger Products

We just had a new shipment of Strnager products arrive last week.

A bunch of popular items are back in stock such as the Quan grips in 7 colours, Thrash and Haze Bars in a variety of sizes, Strangergram and Strangergram guard sprockets and Haze stemds.
Below are a few new items that arrived:

John Hicks signature grips in Black and Camo:

Plastic Barends and Eric L Signature Grips:

Further V2 and John Hicks Pivotal seats:

Eric L Zaferia Bars:

Dylan Stark Iron Mane Frame: