Crispy Stream DVD – “Dulwhich” Trailer

The third DVD production from Crispy Stream is ‘Dulwich’, a video by Mike Vockenson.

Featuring full sections from:
Cody Pollard, Denby Chandler, Dylan White, Matt, Pahau Milner, Riwai Milner, Friends + Bonus

Filmed over the last year around South East Queesnland, this video showcases the lives of the Crispy crew, centred around the residence of a few of the crew at Dulwich Street in Brisbanes southern suburbs.

BSD “Transmission” DVD Announced.

A few days ago BSD announced the worldwide release of their new DVD, “Transimission”.
From BSD:
“Transmission – BSD’s first full length team video will be released worldwide on DVD in July 2016. Filmed across three continents and in over eight different countries, the DVD has taken over two years to make.

It will feature full sections from pro team riders David Grant, Dan Paley, Luc Legrand, Kriss Kyle, Mike ‘Jersey’ Taylor, Sam Jones, Alex Donnachie, Reed Stark and Liam Zingbergs and is filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby. “

Connor Keating on Stranger

If you frequent The Come Up and watch any of the webisodes that they post you will more than likely know Connor Keating as he is heavily featured in the later ones and he has now been added to the Stranger team.