BSD Shipment

A week or so ago we received our next BSD shipment full of all the BSD goodies including Frames, Bars, Seats and everything else.

ALVX V3 in Digital Camo:

Acid Face Hoodie:

David Grant Baller Seat:

David Grant Dunks Grips:

Dan Paley Soulja Seats”

Dropped Stem:

Substance XL Cranks:

Liam Zingbergs Sig. Zing Bars:

New Primo Shipment

We also just got a Primo order into the warehouse.
A bunch of items back in stock.

121 Halflink and 510 Chains. Both available in Black(Dark Blue, Raw and Chrome:

New longer Binary Plastic pegs, Now 4 1/2″ long. Replacemetn sleeves also available:

Icon Top Load stems(also available in Front Load):

Craig Passero signature Rebars in 10″. Black and Chrome:

Super Tenderizer Plastic Pedals:


New Stranger Products

We just had a new shipment of Strnager products arrive last week.

A bunch of popular items are back in stock such as the Quan grips in 7 colours, Thrash and Haze Bars in a variety of sizes, Strangergram and Strangergram guard sprockets and Haze stemds.
Below are a few new items that arrived:

John Hicks signature grips in Black and Camo:

Plastic Barends and Eric L Signature Grips:

Further V2 and John Hicks Pivotal seats:

Eric L Zaferia Bars:

Dylan Stark Iron Mane Frame:


New Site!

Welcome to the new Triplesix website! We are stoked to have you swing by for a visit.
We are still working through the bugs so if you notice anything, please let us know.

The biggest addition is our publicly viewable Products page(no prices are listed, sorry), previously only dealers could see the products, now the world can!

Because this is a completely new B2B site, existing dealers please contact us for your new log-in details.