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Halloween Jams

rideonhalloweenflyer local_halloween

A few Halloween Jams are happening around the country this weekend.
Local BMX in WA are holding theirs this Friday and Ride on/Rampfest in Vic on Saturday.

South Coast Cycles Jam

south-coast-cycles-2016-jamSouth Coast Cycles are holding a Jam at Seaford Skatepark this Sunday.
If you’re in the area, hit it up and you might get some free prizes.

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ACT Jam Coffin Jam


The ACT Jam is on again in Canberra this weekend and we are psyched to have the Coffin Jam a part of it again at the final stop at Back Bone BMX HQ on the Saturday Night.


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Dulwich Hill Halloween Jam


Also on This Saturday the Dulwich Hill Halloween Jam enters it’s 10th birthday.
This has to be one of Australia’s longest running jams.
Starting at 2pm.

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Local BMX Halloween Jam

Local BMX in West Oz is throwing a Halloween Jam this Saturday at Manning Road Skatepark from 6pm.

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