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New Primo Shipment

We also just got a Primo order into the warehouse.
A bunch of items back in stock.

121 Halflink and 510 Chains. Both available in Black(Dark Blue, Raw and Chrome:

New longer Binary Plastic pegs, Now 4 1/2″ long. Replacemetn sleeves also available:

Icon Top Load stems(also available in Front Load):

Craig Passero signature Rebars in 10″. Black and Chrome:

Super Tenderizer Plastic Pedals:


Product Spotlight: Fly Brakes

Fly have you covered in the brake department with 2 different Calipers on offer, The Manual Brake(Pictured) and the Manual Springhanger Brake. They also have cables in colours and Levers to offer the full set up from Tip to Tail.
Available in stores now.


Product Spotlight: Stranger/Primo

Primo tyres are staple in BMX and they continue their legacy with new tyres such as the Stevie Churchill(top) and the Ty Morrow(centre) as well as the wider V-Monster tyre(bottom).
Stevie is available in 20″ x 2.45″ and the Morrow and V-Monsters in 20″ x 2.4″.


Stevie Churchill signature Primo Cranks.
They come with a Mid Bottom Bracket to suit and available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm.


Stranger Connor Keating Piston Bars.
Rise: 9.25″
Width: 28.5″
Backsweep: 11º
Upsweep: 4º


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Tempered Dynasty Crew

Tempered recently added a Dynasty stage to their team have added 3 new riders to the Dynasty team.
Jonny Mackeller, Marius Dietsche and Jake Corless.
Their welcome edits are below.


In the market for some new pegs? We have a huge selection available.
Plastic, Alloy and Steel, whatever tickles your fancy, we have you sorted.
Below is a sample:

The Shadow Conspiracy offer 2 different pegs, The Little Ones are full Chro-mo and the Slide or Die are Plastic sleeved with butted Chro-mo insert and come in 14mm only with 10mm adapter.

BSD also offer both Chro-mo and Plastic Sleeved Chro-mo pegs. Pictured below are the Rude Tube XL which are Plastic Sleeve with butted Chro-mo insert. Specific 10mm and 14mm versions.

Stranger Zia Pegs are a Plastic Sleeved peg with a alloy insert. 14mm with 10mm adapter and come with a replacement plastic sleeve.

Looking for something a little more affordable, Rant have you covered there with 2 different plastic pegs. Hammer Plastic with a steel insert and the Hammer Light Plastic with alloy insert.

Plastic not your deal? Tree Stunt Stumps are what you are looking for then.
10mm and 14mm specific and made of heat treated steel and offset machined to save weight.

New Shadow, Subrosa, Bone Deth and Rant Gear

We just got a new Shipment of The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Rant and Bone Deth in.
Below is a small sample of some new items and colourways.
Available Aus Wide now!
2017-1st-Peunmbra-seats 2017-Bone-Deth-Seats 2017-Gipsy-Grips 2017-Maya-Grips 2017-NOSter-Forks 2017-Ravager-Plastic-Pedals 2017-Subrosa-Seats 2017-Treymone-Stems

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S&M OZ Trip Video and Photos

DigBMX just posted up the article from our recent S&M Team OZ trip to Canberra via Young and Katoomba.
James Fox killed it on the video and below are a bunch of photos from the trip that feature in the article plus a bunch more that weren’t featured in the article.
Huge thanks to S&M Bikes.



Lahsaan Kobza Shadow/Subrosa Bike Check

Lahsaan runs you through his Signature Code frame put together with a bunch of Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy parts including his Signature Sprocket and Grips.

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