Tempered Dynasty Crew

Tempered recently added a Dynasty stage to their team have added 3 new riders to the Dynasty team.
Jonny Mackeller, Marius Dietsche and Jake Corless.
Their welcome edits are below.


In the market for some new pegs? We have a huge selection available.
Plastic, Alloy and Steel, whatever tickles your fancy, we have you sorted.
Below is a sample:

The Shadow Conspiracy offer 2 different pegs, The Little Ones are full Chro-mo and the Slide or Die are Plastic sleeved with butted Chro-mo insert and come in 14mm only with 10mm adapter.

BSD also offer both Chro-mo and Plastic Sleeved Chro-mo pegs. Pictured below are the Rude Tube XL which are Plastic Sleeve with butted Chro-mo insert. Specific 10mm and 14mm versions.

Stranger Zia Pegs are a Plastic Sleeved peg with a alloy insert. 14mm with 10mm adapter and come with a replacement plastic sleeve.

Looking for something a little more affordable, Rant have you covered there with 2 different plastic pegs. Hammer Plastic with a steel insert and the Hammer Light Plastic with alloy insert.

Plastic not your deal? Tree Stunt Stumps are what you are looking for then.
10mm and 14mm specific and made of heat treated steel and offset machined to save weight.