Product Spotlight: Fly Brakes

Fly have you covered in the brake department with 2 different Calipers on offer, The Manual Brake(Pictured) and the Manual Springhanger Brake. They also have cables in colours and Levers to offer the full set up from Tip to Tail.
Available in stores now.


Product Spotlight: Stranger/Primo

Primo tyres are staple in BMX and they continue their legacy with new tyres such as the Stevie Churchill(top) and the Ty Morrow(centre) as well as the wider V-Monster tyre(bottom).
Stevie is available in 20″ x 2.45″ and the Morrow and V-Monsters in 20″ x 2.4″.


Stevie Churchill signature Primo Cranks.
They come with a Mid Bottom Bracket to suit and available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm.


Stranger Connor Keating Piston Bars.
Rise: 9.25″
Width: 28.5″
Backsweep: 11º
Upsweep: 4º


Product Spotlight: Subrosa Locks and Lights

Subrosa have created the perfect range of locks to wage war on bicycle theft.
Whether you need to lock your bike up for a minute while you duck in to grab a drink from the take away store or leave your bike parked out front of your work, they have created a lock for every option.


Even with it being the dead of Winter we still need to ride at times and Subrosa Combat Lights are the perfect addition to get you to your destination safely and be seen on the roads.
They are small enough that you can leave them on your bike 24/7 or stash them in a backpack when no in use.
Each kit includes a front(White bulb) and rear(red bulb).
Available in Black, Clear and Orange.Subrosa-Lights